Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Tisket a Basket

Yesterday was a great day. I took the girls to the annual Easter Egg hunt at the park in Morgan City. I have fond childhood memories of going to it when I was a preschooler. In fact, my mom decorated a basket for me and I won second place in the prettiest basket contest when I was 4 or 5! On a whim, my mom dug out the basket for Valerie. (WHO else but my mom would hang on to a silly basket for 30+ years!!) My mom spruced it up a bit with a new bow. We arrived at the park JUST in time. Valerie had a grand time gathering up marshmallow eggs and bunnies. They're not really "hidden", but tossed on the ground. The kids go nuts scrambling to grab as many as they can. It didn't seem as big as I remembered, but it could just be that it seemed "big" to me as a kid. After the hunt, we went over to the gazebo for the basket contest. To my surprise, Valerie won FIRST place! How ironic that my basket placed yet again... She got a HUGE chocolate bunny (which is completely gone already, YUM!) Val was on the Morgan City news broadcast last night, and they even mentioned the basket was 30 years old. Her picture will be in The Daily Review probably today or tomorrow. I'm tickled pink!!

When we got back to my mom's yesterday, I opened the bunny and tried to break a piece off for Val. I had to grab a knife to cut it... and when I did, the face sort of crumbled. Valerie BURST INTO TEARS!! "Momma! You broke it!" She cried and cried. "Momma, why you broke my bunny!!!" OMG I felt so bad. But what was I gonna do... keep the rabbit for 30 years?! I asked her if she wanted to eat the bunny's eye. She laughed and said yes and ate his eye! And all day long she kept asking me why did I break her bunny and that she was sad. Geez!! But she wasn't too sad about getting to eat a bunch of chocolate!

Next year will be Veronica's turn with THE Basket!!!


  1. Anonymous3:52 PM

    OH How awesome of a day you and Val had! That bunny was huge --- OMG and it's almost gone??

    Side note -- been wanting to visit for lunch, but we've turned our home into a yuck machine --- Lana's got green crap coming out of every place, E's dealing with the yellow as of this AM, and I've been steady white. But, I'm not repeating what happened before. I (still *sigh*) have Roni's bday gift as well as gifts for both girls for Easter. Will let you know when I am less nasty to come for a visit.

  2. Hey a kid has to milk it for all it is worth. I dont blame her. lol