Saturday, March 29, 2008


Clint is in one of his moods again. You'd think the world has ended. I know we all have bad days, but life goes on. You still have to function. He is walking around in a complete daze.

Three days of trash were piled up on my bakers rack. I had to start yelling for him to take out the garbage. That is the ONE thing around here that is solely his job.

He cooked supper last night. Ate and jumped up saying he was going visit the neighbor. Leaving me to clean up the mess. We've had this fight so many times before. He walks away from the table with out lifting a finger to help clean up or pick up left overs. Leaves everything as is. WHY do I have to do it by myself every single night??? After another fight about him ignoring the mess, he took all the trash out since it was garbage day.

Today is SATURDAY. I had to TELL him to take a shower this morning. The last shower he had was TUESDAY. Yes... Tuesday. TUESDAY!!!!! It's been a few days since he brushed his teeth on top of that. Attractive, eh???

I go outside this morning... the garbage can was by the garage. After all the fussing about him not helping, he 'forgot' to put the can by the road. Nice.

I asked him to take Roni today because we were going to a birthday party. It would be much easier to just have Valerie. He mumbled something about moving the car seat. I said nevermind... I spent the whole party holding Roni (killing my back), trying to get food and drinks for them, chasing after Val, etc etc. Had nothing to eat or drink. Not even a bite of the cake I worked 2 days on. Not exactly fun. I have to take them everywhere I go. He goes everywhere whenever he wants. He could have taken Veronica just this once.

Tonight we are hosting a Dad's night. Clint is in no mood to be a host for anything. I made him tell me this morning what his to do list was because he is so lost. I am NOT happy about having it here. It was supposed to be at someone else's house, but Clint made me ask about having a crawfish boil. So... it got put at our house since he suggested it. SO... tonight me and the kids have to go SOMEWHERE for hours. We have no where to go.. nothing to do... where am I supposed to go with a 1 year old and a 3 year old until 10 or 11 pm??? Drive around so they can sleep???


  1. It sounds like he may be going through some sort of depression. Has he been to see a professional? I know things are tight but there is usually a Family Tree that does it on a sliding scale or a non profit.

  2. Anonymous7:10 AM

    I wish I would have known you had no where to go. I was working a party but Marlin wouldn't have minded having you and the girls here.