Saturday, March 08, 2008

We got back home yesterday afternoon. I won't lie... I wasn't happy about being there. It was cold. I was pissed about being cold. Pissed that my KIDS were cold. Veronica's hands and feet stayed ice cold all day. We walked our 2.5 miles. My back was KILLING me (still is.) I have no idea why Clint thought Valerie would walk that far. He ended up having to carry her. We were dead last. And I mean DEAD last to finish. Valerie kept asking what happened to all the people. Yes... we were that behind. Clint told me he was a team captain, so that is why he had to go to the walk. Well, one person talked to him when we got there. There was no "team." The only thing he did was turn in some raffle tickets and money, which he could have done that on Thursday when he went to the office. Then we could have saved a $100 on a hotel, and arrived at the fun day at a decent (warmer) time instead of rushing there at the crack of dawn. But even so, the fun day wasn't as nice as usual. It was cut way back. The bounce houses were set up under trees in the shade. It had stormed Friday, so shade = mud. All these kids were running around with no shoes in wet mud. Valerie included. The food was so-so. We actually took the girls to McDonald's on the way home because Valerie refused to eat anything all day. Clint admitted when we got home that it was too cold to have the kids out there. Exactly the point I was trying to make all along!!

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