Sunday, March 30, 2008

Well... we ended up at the mall last night. We ate Chick-Fila, which Valerie loves. I let Val ride the coin operated rides. Walked around. I bought Veronica a few dresses. Not that she needs them because we have a ridiculous amount of clothes, but it is all hand me down stuff from Valerie. She deserves some new things. Besides, they are pretty dresses and they were on sale!

At 8:00 we passed by the mall doors, and Valerie started crying. "it's night time! Time to go to bed. I want go home. I want go to bed." *sigh* I felt so bad, but what was I supposed to do??

We walked through Wal-mart to kill time.

Then I drove around for a couple of hours. No where to go. Both kids were sleeping. So I just drove going no where.... Again, what else was I supposed to do???? WHERE was I supposed to go at that time of the night????

Finally about 11:00 I drove home. Kids tired, cranky, and crying. All the guys immediately packed up and left. Valerie cried and cried. It was 1am before she finally settled down.

Clint told me later that some of my mom's group friends were looking for me... wondering where I was. Apparently they made plans to get together. Well... I knew they were doing something, but I didn't know any details. They haven't talked to me in MONTHS anyway. One of the husbands got a phone call from his wife telling him to ask Clint where I was. No one tried to call me. And Clint in his daze had NO idea. He had no interest what we were going to do or where we were going to go. All Clint could say was he didn't know.

So, we spent the night all by ourselves. Doing nothing.

So, that's that. It seems the guys had a good time, which is great. Hopefully now that Clint had some down time, he'll snap out of this funk he's in.

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  1. Anonymous7:12 AM

    I hope he and the dads had a great time. I honestly with I would have known you didn't have anywhere to go. I still can't get over the other moms don't talk to you anymore...thought I dont know why. They don't talk to me anymore either...