Monday, April 28, 2008


Clint's new job starts May 15. He'll be in Houston that week until....? I dread that part!!! If it's going to be a month he said he'd try to come home for a weekend half way through.

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I've decided to give South Beach Diet another shot. Today is day 4 of the first two weeks. No sugar or flour for me! I did so well with it for about 6 weeks at the beginning of the year. Then Mardi Gras came... Valentine's/Anniversary... Easter! I need to get back on track. I SO NEED to lose this weight. I can't stand it. I've decided to up my routine to 40 minutes of cardio at the gym. (Currently I do 30 mins.) I might ease up on the weights for a while. Not cut them out completely, but focus more on cardio for the next few weeks. It's hard to stay more than an hour at the gym with the kids, or they start getting tired/hungry/restless/fussy. We'll see what happens.... SOMETHING has got to work eventually, right???????

Friday, April 25, 2008

LONG Vacation Update!!

Vacation pictures are here:

Monday ~ We got up early, finished packing, and were on the road by 9:30. By 11:00 am we were stopping at the Mississippi welcome center. We rested a bit, then back in the car we went to meet Clint's Nanny for lunch at Cracker Barrel in Moss Point. We had the slowest waitress ever! It took forever for everything, so when we paid the bill Clint mentioned it so they gave us free drinks. Valerie got her first Pez dispenser from the country store. Then it was back on the road again. Our next stop was the Alabama welcome center to pick up info on dolphin cruises and things to do. It was after 4pm when we reached Gulf Shores and checked into our condo. I loved it! We had plenty of room and it was nice and clean. MUCH better than a hotel!! We unloaded the car and headed to the beach. Valerie loved the sand, but she was afraid of the water at first. It took a little coaxing, but she finally waded in the *cold* water. There was a little girl with her mom on the beach and Valerie wanted to play with her so bad. The girl was a little older than Val, but she still talked to Val some. (From then on when Val saw another little girl she went right up and said "Hi, my name is Valerie." My kid is not shy!!) We ate dinner at Jake's Steakhouse and called it a night.

Tuesday ~ We were up early. I baked biscuits for breakfast, and once the kids got up we put on swimsuits and a TON of sunblock. I was happy to find huge umbrellas set up on the beach so Veronica and I could sit in the shade! Roni looooved the sand. She had a great time tossing hand fulls everywhere. Clint and Val spent some time building a sand castle. Val eventually got brave enough to wade in the water. There was another little girl out with her dad who ran up to Val and told her she had the same swimsuit. Val was hooked, so Clint and Val walked out a ways in the water with them. About 11:00 I took Roni inside to get cleaned up and nap. Clint and Val came up an hour later. We got dressed and went to Lambert's for lunch. Valerie did not like it at all!! I think she was tired. We had told her about some of the funny things they do like come by with a stuffed raccoon in a pot so it wouldn't be scary. It didn't work because she did not like it at all! For the rest of the trip, every time we passed by Lambert's we heard "No Lambert's! No raccoon!" After lunch, we walked through part of the outlet mall. That thing is gigantic, and it's under construction adding more stores! We went to Souvenir City on the way home, and we had left overs from lunch for supper.

Wednesday ~ Same routine! Breakfast, got beach ready, and headed out. Val didn't want to go near the water. We were there about 45 minutes and I said something about the pool. Val wanted to see the pool - NOW. So we gathered our beach gear and sat at the pool for a while. I sat with Veronica's feet dangling in the water, and she loooooved it. Val had a great time in the pool with Clint. I think she enjoyed the pool more than the beach!! I took Veronica inside to get cleaned up and to nap. She had only been asleep for 30 minutes when Clint and Val burst in the door waking her up. She wouldn't go back to sleep, so this led to a very cranky Roni for the rest of the day. We had lunch at CiCi's Pizza, and went back to the outlet mall. I found the most awesome sales at The Children's Place store. Racks and racks for $1.99 and $2.99 and 50% off!! Clint found shirts and amazingly, shoes. He has the hardest time finding shoes that are wide enough, and Casual Male had large sized shoes 50% off that actually fit him! We made a quick trip to the condo to freshen up, then we headed to find our Dolphin Cruise boat. Veronica was asleep, so we woke her up again to get out the car. Both kids had to put on life jackets. Val loved hers, but Veronica did not!! Poor baby was SO tired from not napping and SO cranky. She fussed the whole time. I don't normally get motion sickness, but the second we sat down in the boat's cabin I started feeling woozy. It was stuffy and I could feel the boat rocking. I quickly moved to the outside bench to get air. I kept trying to go inside to help with Veronica but I felt worse every time! So for the first hour, I sat very still staring at the horizon trying to feel better. Luckily there were some nice ladies that helped with Valerie and pointed out the dolphins to her. Finally I started to feel okay. Veronica had calmed down, so I was able to video and take pics of all the dolphins following the boat. Right at the end Veronica fell asleep in Clint's arms. We were able to take off the life jacket, carry her down the pier, and strap her in the carseat with out waking her up. She was so exhausted!! We hadn't eaten anything, so we decided to go to Longhorn Steakhouse. (Foodwise, it was the best meal of the trip if you ask me!!) We had to wake Roni again to go inside the restaurant, and she was SO cranky. Valerie was whining about being sleepy and being extra needy. UGH! Don't take tired kids out to eat!! We had the dingiest waitress. Clint asked if there was a diaper changing station in the bathroom, and she said not in the women's but she'd find out about the men's. I went to the bathroom later and sure enough... there was the changing station! Once the food arrived the kids were better behaved, thankfully!!

Thursday ~ Up early again! Check out was at 10am, so we packed everything and loaded the car. We debated on staying another night, but I really wanted to come home. Clint wanted to stay though. We went to the outlet mall once more. I wanted to hit Children's Place one more time for more stuff! We made a quick pass through Old Time Pottery. That is the most awesome store ever!! But I was tired and it would take forever to go through the whole store, so we didn't look at much. We were on our way home by 12:30 and back home by 4:30!!

Home Sweet Home!

It's nice to get away, but it's also nice to come home!! We got back late yesterday afternoon. We had a great time!! Details and pics to come.... Just wanted to let everyone know we were back!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Can't wait!

I'd say we are about 99% packed. I just have a few last minute things to throw in our bags in the morning. Of course, nothing goes as planned ... Clint was putting air in the tires and found a nail. Figures... on a Sunday!! Most of the tire places are closed. He's at Wal-mart to wait forever and a day to get it fixed. At least he found it sooner than later!!

Valerie has been going around today whining '"I'm ready! I'm ready." I asked her what for, and she says "to go to the hotel!" LOL! Two days in a row she popped out of bed "Time to go to the beach! I'm ready!" She's gonna love it.

I'm hoping we'll be on the road by 10am, if not before. Check in isn't until 3pm, but we'll have to make a few stops. A four hour drive will probably take 5 or 6 hours knowing the kids.

Have a good week everyone.... I'll update when we're back!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

News and stuff...

Clint had a meeting with his boss today. He got the official word - he's got the job!! They are waiting until the fourth guy is finished with his last offshore job to kick things off. Clint will have to go to school in Houston for 3-4 weeks. Yep... a month of training.... a month with him being gone... *sigh*

Clint came home and said because of that he decided to take next week off. He said "Where are we going?" So, I just booked us a beach vacation. We're going to Gulf Shores! Valerie has been asking to go to the beach. I have NO idea how she knows about the beach, but she does. TV I guess... So hello white sugar sand beaches! Hello LAMBERT'S! And omg -- OLD TIME POTTERY!!!

I can't wait.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

We had a great day!

Yesterday we took the girls to the Audubon Zoo. It was a beautiful day and a perfect day to be out and about. The kids had a great time. Valerie just loves everything about the zoo. I do too! I remember going when I was little and it was such a big deal to go to the real zoo. Of course we did the train ride, rose the carousel, and treated ourselves to ice cream. Valerie rolled down Monkey Hill and was so proud of herself. Veronica was so wound and just would not nap! Poor baby was so tired, but she fought her sleep the entire day. We had a lot of fun.

And a little lagniappe on the side...

We used some special zoo passes we purchased at the beginning of the year. One of the New Orleans radio stations offers specials every Friday, and one happened to be a family 4 pack of zoo tickets for $25. Regular price would be $50! Well, Valerie wanted to hand her ticket to the ticket taker herself. She hands him her pass, he looks at it, hands it back to her and waves us right through. That's right... he gave it back to her. Didn't even touch the two passes in my hand for me and Clint. So...we walked in with 3 passes, and left with 3 passes that we can use again!! They don't expire until December, so we have plenty of time to go back.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Funny things kids go along with....

Valerie all of a sudden has turned into this girly-girl obsessed with princesses and ballerinas. She's been wanting to wear dresses ALL the time. There's this one (much too small) nightgown she insists on wearing every night. Last week I found some cute dresses on clearance at Target, so I bought them for her.

Well... she put them on once and they were FINE. The next time I tried to dress her in them was another story. "It's too big! It's too scratchy! It's too small!!" You name it, she cried about it.

Another recent obsession is Cinderella. She watches it every single day. Val especially loves the mice fixing the dress scene.

Yesterday morning I spread one of the dresses neatly on the floor. I showed it to Valerie and told her I heard noises during the night. I had gotten up and saw Gus and Jaq (the mice from Cinderella) "fixing" her dress and that they had made it all better. She gladly put it on and was so excited! "It not scratchy anymore! Look... it fits! They fixed it! I LOVE it. Thank you Gus and Jaq!!" LOL!!

I did the same thing this morning with a pink flowered dress. And Val could not WAIT to put it on when she got up. Go figure!

*giggle* The things we do as parents to pacify our kids!!!! But, hey, if it works!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

School bound...

Well, Valerie is officially enrolled in preschool. I dropped off the application and registration fee this morning. Class starts after Labor Day. Another milestone.... heading off to school for the first time.

And yet another milestone.... Veronica is OFF the bottle. She hasn't had milk in a bottle in four days. She finally caught on to the sippy cup. Yay!

But *sigh*... my girls are growing up.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Rumor is that Clint is getting the job I mentioned a while back. Someone was talked to about taking over some of Clint's projects since Clint isn't even going to be replaced! And this person was told to keep it "hush hush," but he told Clint anyway. The money is going to be SO nice!! The time he is home is going to be Great! I already told him he has to be Mr. Mom those 7 or 14 days he's home, which ever schedule they go with. I'm dreading his time working though. Those long days (or nights, yes he may have to work nights), working weekends, holidays, birthdays.... I guess it's all a trade off in exchange for having more time home. We're just waiting for the official word to come through....

I finally made the preschool call yesterday. The program I want for Val still has openings - yay! She'll be going from 8:30 - 11:30 on Tuesday and Thursday. I picked up an application packet yesterday. Val cried and cried when we left... she wanted to stay! I have to get her vaccination records and hopefully I can turn it in by the end of the week.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Decisions... Decisions....

I signed Valerie up for swimming lessons starting in June. This will be the first "class" activity she takes, so I really hope she does okay! I should be able to stay and watch, as long as Veronica cooperates!! Val's super excited already.

Now.... the preschool debate continues. Do I or don't I?? If I'm going to put her in "school" next fall, I need to register her NOW. Part of me says no way, she's only three! I need to keep her home with me! Val will be in real school soon enough, why rush it?? But part of me knows she would probably love it. It would also be good for her to learn how to be away from me. When she does go to real 4 year old preschool, it won't be that big of a shock to her.

There is a church school across town that has a three year old class with half days Tuesday/Thursday - 9am to 1pm. That is the kind of schedule I was looking for. I think that's enough to start and get her used to being away from home. They have to independently go to the bathroom, which Val still needs help. I would have all summer to work with her on that though. I have no idea if they still have openings, as I have not gotten up the nerve to call or go by...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

7 things ~ Thanks Nicole!!

It is fun to hear tidbits, facts, unique things about your blogging friends. Rules:1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I was in the choir in junior high and high school. I was chosen for district honor choir three years and all state honor choir my senior year. I sang several solos at concerts. I also sang the alma matter at my high school graduation. (hmmm I just might dig up the DVD and post it!)

2. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. There are things I'm interested in, but nothing interests me enough to take the time to get the education to make a career out of it.

3. I hate having to repeat myself again and again. I'll say it once... say it twice... and then I get aggravated if I have to keep on. It annoys me when people are too busy with themselves to listen to someone. It drove me nuts in school when people were constantly lost and didn't know what page we were on because they were too busy chatting or doing something else rather than listening to the teacher.

4. My hair has gone from straight to curly over the past few years. I always had stick straight hair on top and the underneath was wavy. My guess is all the pregnancy hormones did something to my hair because it is almost ALL wavy now with big spiral curls underneath. When I leave it natural, I have been asked if I permed my hair it's so curly.

5. I kept all sorts of toys and books from when I was little so I could pass them down to my kids someday. It's really neat to have Valerie want to hear the very same books that my mom read to me. Some of Val and Roni's favorite toys were things that were mine growing up.

6. I hate the smell of lavender. And cocoa butter lotion. When I was PG with Valerie and puking my guts up 5 times a day, I was using some lavender bath wash. And I bought a huge container of cocoa butter lotion to rub on to prevent stretch marks. To this day, the smell of either one brings back that gagging feeling!!!

7. I don't do sales parties unless it's something new, or something I'm interested in. I've gone to a few to see what they are all about, and they are pretty much all the same. I don't get why they care called parties, because there is no partying, lol. Besides, you can get almost ALL of the stuff sold at most parties on eBay for a fraction of the cost.

I don't think there is 7 people who read this to tag, so I tag all of y'all! LOL!?