Thursday, November 06, 2008

7 things MeMe

A little late.... So Kitty tagged me a while back:

1. My first job was at a video store.

2. We used to sneak alcohol into the skating rink!

3. I sang the Alma Matter at my high school graduation - solo.

4. I used to have 2 big round moles on my neck that looked like vampire bites. I had them removed when I was 14 due to being teased so often about them. Nobody ever noticed!!

5. I was a little overweight when I was 10-12 years old. My mom convinced Gloria Marshal (weight loss center) to take me on even though I was under the age requirement. By the time I started junior high I had dropped about 25 lbs.

6. I lived at home until I was 30.

7. I had a pet duck. Not once, but twice!

I tag anybody who wants to play!!


  1. Having a pet duck must have been awesome.
    We had a mallard lay her eggs and hatch them in my backyard a few months ago. Those ducklings were just about the cutest thing we ever saw.
    A couple of days after they hatched they took off and we never saw them again. I was heartbroken. LOL.

  2. Well, the first duck we had was SO MEAN! My Dad and I found a duck egg outside the fence at this little zoo. My Dad made an incubator out of a tin can, light bulb, and a thermometer! To our suprise, it hatched. As he got bigger and bigger, he'd roost on the fence and attack anyone in sight. After a while, we had enough. In the middle of the night, my dad put him in a box, and snuck to the zoo and tossed him over the fence!! We'd go visit and I swear he knew us. He lived years and years.

    We also had a rooster... he was even meaner!! Until I accidentally broke his leg... *sad face* That's another story!!

    The other duck my mom had gotten some where. Actually it was a duck and a chicken! These were females and laid eggs. They were so cute following each other around. Something happend to the duck's legs and she had trouble walking. On the Eve of Christmas Eve, she got stuck under the downspout during a rain storm and drowned. :-( I cried and cried.