Tuesday, November 25, 2008

After being sick for nearly 19 days, I am finally starting to feel better. As Clint put it, I am just really run down. I hope I can find the energy to get through the next several weeks. Thanksgiving... Val's party... our Christmas party.... Val's birthday.... then Christmas... then New Year's. It's all a lot of work. Plus numerous comitments in between and I need to finish my shopping some how.

I'm having second thoughts about my 'busy is better' theory. Right now I just don't care to do anything.

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  1. i am sorry you been so sick i know the kids been sick too i hate this time of the year. seem like we all just stay sick and more so this year. but i am sure it will pass us all. well you have a great week comeing. and glad shoping almost done huh? mine i cannot even start with hubby gone and no one to watch the kids for 2 hours lol that how long it would take me i have a list lol. hubby easy he want for nothing. so a few gift card he go buy him self some clothes and what ever lol. here a warm hugssss and hugs to the kids too. and heck clint too.