Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am feeling really overwhelmed with the fast aproaching holidays. Thanksgiving is next week?! I don't even want to think about it. It feels like the holidays are aproaching fast and I feel so unprepared. I know it's going to be difficult and full of memories and bittersweet moments.... I am almost done shopping for Valerie and Veronica. There are two more things I need to grab at the mall, and my Santa gifts are done. I'll just need a few things to wrap for under the tree so that they have gifts to open on Christmas Eve. It's everyone else that I want to get something for that baffles me. Clint and my Dad are the only two adults I need to shop for, and I'm clueless. Clint... I have a few things in mind, but it's to find it. But what on earth do you buy a rich old man? I can't seem to focus. I am not motivated at all. I just feel so overwhelmed just thinking about going from store to store looking. I can't even bring myself to browse online. It just won't be the same this year and my heart isn't in it.

Valerie's class is on the letter H this week. Today their H theme was "What makes you happy?" Valerie's answer: My MeMe and Poppi.



  1. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Does the "rich old man" like golf? If so, there is plenty of swag to choose from.

    Maybe he needs a back scratcher? Or one of those claw things to grab stuff with?

    How about a pair of loafers? Slippers?

    Does he smoke a pipe? Get him one and encourage him to start . . .

    Books! History . . . or a memoir. Old dudes love that stuff.

    You'll think of something . . .

  2. Well, he has no hobbies really. None! He has everything he needs and wants nothing. He does enjoy watching old movies, so I think we may get him a few months of Netflix. It's a start!

  3. Holidays are always rough, and you said it well. Sweet memories. It is good that Veronica is able to look at the pictures and identify her. It is better for her to have a few memories and be able to recognize her than to not. We have several pictures of my mom and my grandmother around the house, it was really painful at first, but then my girls are able to have them and see them and that makes me feel good. Sending hugs and LOTS more prayers.