Friday, November 21, 2008


*I've been sick for sixteen days and counting!!! Can't seem to shake this sinus thing. I'm so stuffy and can't breathe. It's worse at night. If it's not better by Monday I guess I will go to the doctor.

*Veronica has been sick for a few days too.

*We put up our Christmas tree yesterday. The kids have already pulled all the ornaments off the bottom.

*Valerie helped decorate the tree and insisted on putting the same ornaments grouped together.

*Tree looks terrible but I don't care!

*Val made Clint put the lighted reindeer and inflatable Santa in the yard. Then she cried and cried because she couldn't "see Santa's smiling face" from the window. Aww.

*Veronica is suddenly talking up a storm. It's mostly babble, but she's saying 2-3 word sentences here and there. I've noticed she does it more when Valerie isn't around.

*Last night I went to Olive Garden for Mom's Night Out. It was so fun and so nice to get out with no kids. I was feeling pretty bad towards the end though and left earlier than I normally would have.

*Sometimes I think I'll be ok. Then others it feels my heart is shattered into a million pieces.

*It's funny how people you thought you could depend on prove you wrong. Then others that you never dreamed cared, really come through.

*I've finished shopping for Santa and all of the kids I needed to buy for. Now to figure out Clint and my Dad.

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