Sunday, December 07, 2008

4th Birthday Party

Our party day started like this:

3:20am we're sleeping. "DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG!" goes the door bell. What the hell?!? Clint bolts down the hall. I couldn't imagine who was at the door - obviously thinking something terrible has happend. Clint looks through the door - no one there. Looks out the window - no one there. We notice some lights come on then go off down the street. So we figured someone was going house to house ringing the bell. We called the cops but I doubt if anything came of it.

So anyway, I got up at 6am and got Clint up at 7am to get the last minute party things together. We didn't have much to do, and I don't like to be rushed so I wanted to get things done early. The bounce house people got here to set up about 10. Valerie was SO happy to see princesses on her bounce house! My Dad came over a little early. The party went great! Every family we invited came. It was so cute seeing Valerie sitting behind her cake while we sang Happy Birthday. She sweetly closed her eyes for a second (make a wish!) and blew out her candles. No crying as in the past couple of years because she was scared of the candles (weird!) It was a great day for my little girl.

Today I went to the gym only to find the babysitter was out sick. Since we were on that side of town, I took the kids to the Dollar Tree. Valerie has a chore chart, and once she got 10 stickers for helping I told her she'd get a toy. Well she has 9-1/2 stickers, so I figured we were there so it would save me a trip later!! I also let her choose gifts for Veronica, Clint, and my Dad all by herself. She picked the funniest things, but I guess to her it makes sense!

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  1. Tell Valerie that, as far as I am concerned, December babies rock! Even if I am old enough to be her grandmother. Liked the pictures--awesome birthday cake.