Friday, December 12, 2008

Cookie swap and a busy day!!

Today was the cookie swap for our playgroup. We started it a few years ago and it has become a holiday tradition. Everybody bakes about 5 dozen cookies and then we share them! It was lots of fun. We got to visit with friends, the kids played, and got to open a gift. I came home with a box of yummy cookies, too!

Here's a sample of the goodies we had to pick from:

It looks like we'll be shipping my laptop off to Dell for repair. One, the keyboard is missing the letter "A" thanks to the kids. Two, the power cord connection isn't working right. The battery doesn't charge all the way and on occasion I get a message telling me the power adaptor isn't recognized even though it is the one that came with my computer. So anyway, the warranty is up in a couple weeks so Clint finally contacted tech support. I have a desktop PC and Valerie has a laptop, so I won't be completely cut off!


  1. I'm going to be a judge at a cookie swap on Sunday. Love these things!

    What kind did you make?

  2. I made Kringle Cut Outs and Candy Cane twist cookies!