Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Santa and the newspaper

I submitted my snow post to our local newspaper for a first snow article and they quoted me! And used a picture of me and my mom and just me. I was in the newspaper. Yay!


The Morgan City newspaper, The Daily Review, does something unique with Santa letters every Christmas Eve. They print them. As written. Almost all of the elementary teachers do it as a class project and send in their class's letters. It's my most looked forward to section of the paper every year! It's pretty fun trying to decipher some of the requests. Some letters are so sweet and innocent. Some are just downright hilarious. And there's always a few that pull on your heartstrings.

Here is Valerie and Veronica's letters that I mailed in to the paper. Val helped me write both:

Dear Santa,
Thank you for the toys you brought me last year. Santa, this year I'd like a Baby Alive Go Bye Bye, roller skates, and a pogo stick. I want a horse and I want to ride it. And I will get hay from the store. Remember when I saw you in the mall and gave you a big hug? Please bring my sister a new butterfly rattle. Please bring my Mommy new make up brushes and my Daddy new tools. Santa, I will leave you some cookies and milk. Merry Christmas. I love you.

Valerie Galliano

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the toys you brought me last year. The Jack in the Box is my favorite. This year please bring me a new baby doll and a little bitty horse and a little pack of hay, and new shoes. Merry Christmas.

Veronica Galliano

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