Friday, December 05, 2008

Hectic Day

Clint was supposed to go play golf today, but at 8am he decided since it was 34 degrees it was too cold. ha. Can't say I blame him! We were busy around the house all day. I cleaned the back half of the house - even the kids' rooms! I started Val's birthday cake (pictures to come!) I'm glad I decided on an easy, simple cake this year. I love to bake and it's not hard, but it just takes so much time. And I'm not a neat baker, so there's always spilled sugar and such to clean up afterwards! I'm just not in the mood to do any fancy baking anyway.

Cake supplies ready! and yes I use a mix, but I have my secret ingredients to make it better!

Mommy's little helper

Me doing my thing

Tonight was our Ornament Swap/Mom's Night Out (MNO) for the playgroup I belong to. I almost didn't go. I was having a bad night and lost my motivation to leave the house. I went anyway though hoping I would feel better if I went. I don't know if it helped much. I did get a beautiful angel ornament in the swap. It didn't cross my mind until I got home that my Mom loved anything with angels on it. Maybe I got it for a reason. I don't know if that is supposed to make me feel better or worse.

Here I am dressed to go:

My ornament:


  1. I spot a kitchenaid :) Love mine!

  2. Heehee oh yes, there's no appliance like a Kitchenaid Mixer!!

  3. aw i am glad you had a good time honey. and you looked so nice and yes i believe you got your lil angel for a reason do not ask me how i know just that there a reason behide alot of thing . and oh yes got to have a kitchenaid now lol. and i am trying to sell my icecream thing for it since i do not use it. heck we could of made homemade icecream for the party lol. see ya soon. hugssss