Monday, December 29, 2008

I love stupid people

Stupidity can be quite entertaining.

I got my laptop back from Dell today. Yay!! I haven't a clue if the issues are corrected, because Clint has yet to install the hard drive. But anyway, that's not the point here.

Under my computer there was someone else's Repair Depot Tech Notes.

"Internet Explorer stops responding, gets very hot on the motherboard and the hard drive, battery only stays charged for 30 minutes, and time is set to Greenwich Mean time, I am in the US Eastern time zone. If you cannot repair these issues this time I want a replacement or a full refund!!!"

I had to read it twice. Ok three times to be sure I understood the "issue." Really.... this person returned their laptop to Dell for repair because the TIME is wrong?? IE crashes?? It gets HOT??

*blank look*

I almost wish there were an email address so I could drop them a line and say thanks for the laugh.


  1. Anonymous6:24 PM

    My Mum thinks that turning the monitor off when the computer is still on harms the computer. It took me ages to explain that the monitor is not the computer, it is simply the display for the computer. She still doesn't really understand what I'm trying to say.

    My dad used to type every single web address into google, even after I taught him out to use the url bar. I think he thought that you have to put everything into google to access the internet.

    He also has a book with all the url's he needs written down. I've given up trying to explain bookmarks to him. At least they grew to love Firefox, although they hardly ever use tabs!

    It sounds incredibly simple to us, but they may come a time when we're old and don't have a grasp of the latest technology. However, I'm going to try and make sure that doesn't happen to me.

  2. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Tom is right on. I'm not necessarily old, but there are a few things I've had to try and accomplish on a computer lately that just befuddled me. And I've been using them for years now.

    My favorite thing to do with newbies? They'll tell me they're having trouble printing. So I ask them if the cord leading from the computer to the printer is straight with no kinks in it. For if there are kinks, the data can't get through . . .

    It still works occasionally . . .

  3. Anonymous12:08 AM

    Tom may indeed be right, but I'm with Melanie... it's not the lack of knowledge that equals stupidity here, it's the demanding and entitled tone of the note. It's ok to not understand technology, it's STUPID to act like a twit and expect results.

  4. Oh yeah older folks can have a hard time catching on. No argument there.

    But to pack your laptop in a box, ship it across country to be 'repaired' because the TIME is set wrong is a bit much!!

    Shame on Dell's Tech team. Someone should have been able to assist them with out sending the computer in.