Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Nerve

After I picked up Valerie from school yesterday, we went to Morgan City to visit my Dad. The girls played and helped Poppi put up his little Christmas tree. I've been wanting to bring some Christmas flowers to the cemetery but hadn't had the chance. A week or so ago I picked up a little ceramic stocking and some silk poinsettias. Nothing fancy... just some small stuff from the Dollar Tree. So, yesterday on our way home we made a quick stop at the cemetery. I had brought a big bouquet of pink roses for All Saints Day. They were gone. The vase is sitting there empty. My Dad said maybe the grounds keepers threw them away. But why would they do that?! Someone had to have taken them. They were a nice bunch I had gotten from Hobby Lobby. It made me want to go take someone else's flowers, but I know that wouldn't be right. But really, why steal flowers from a grave?? WHO does that sort of thing?? I know it happens, but still...

1 comment:

  1. yes some ppl really are the Nerve to do dumb stuff like this it is so uncalled for. makes me want to smack them and go take there flower like you said. but we not like that. and believe me i be like all over them ground keeper over there telling them to make sure this does not get takeing off my mom grave or else. I AM SORRY THEY DID THIS TO YOU HONEY>