Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This weather is so icky. It's chilly and damp. Humid. Foggy. Dreary. It certainly doesn't help my spirits any. The weather is BLAH and I feel BLAH. I can't decide if I'm hot or cold. Or if it's just the humidity making me feel damp and clammy. We saw snow last week, yet tomorrow it's supposed to be near 80 degrees. And of course we are all getting sick again. I'm stuffy and not feeling up to par. I was just sick for 3 weeks people!! I don't need it again. Both kiddos are coughing and congested. Val seems to be fine with it, but she's tough. Roni is fussy, but then again that is normal for her!! So it's hard to judge just how sick they really are. Roni's toe is still looking pretty bad. I tried to put a sock on her foot to go out today. "Ow ow ow" she cries. So she went out with one sock and no shoes. Then she managed to drop something else on her toe while I was baking and popped the blood blister. It bled and bled. It's gotta hurt. Poor baby's toe is ugly and bruised so bad. I feel so sad for my baby girl.

Today I'm baking more cookies. Except these are the BEST cookies in the world. The best Christmas cookies anyway. I swear!! My Mom made these every year during Christmas week. She'd bake and bake and bake. Cookies, fudge, pralines, etc. She made an awesome coconut cake, and I hate coconut. Out of everything she made, these cookies were the bomb!! I made them for luncheons when I was working, and for some reason it took a lot of convincing to get some people to try them because they have candied fruit in them. But they never lasted very long... I made 2 batches today because they won't last long at my house either! And I made chocolate chip cookies for the kids. Plus I'm bringing my Dad some tomorrow. Next week I'll decide what other kind of goodies I want to to make. Gotta keep the family tradition going, ya know??

Tomorrow my laptop is being shipped off to Dell for repair. It's supposed to take a few days, so we'll see. I don't know if my Holidailies posting will be affected or not. I have Valerie's laptop to use as a back up. And my desktop PC is always available, but not really convenient to use while keeping an eye on the kids. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully my laptop will be back sooner than expected good as new (?)


  1. I hope it gets warmer here too. It seems like we've had cold for a month straight here and we're just not used to that.

    You should put your mom's cookie recipe on the blog.
    Recipe posts do extremely well.

  2. Melanie - you are making your mamma proud by carrying on the tradition. God Bless you and yours.