Monday, December 15, 2008


The party went well. It was nice and quiet and calm. Which is always a good thing. We had so much good food! Yummy. Everyone left much earlier than we expected, which wasn't exactly a bad thing either. My Dad spent the night here, so we were able to have a movie night with the kids after the party. Val slept in our bed though and kept me up all night kicking and talking in her sleep. Ugh!

I can't believe it's almost Christmas. The year is almost over! I am hoping to feel better after the holidays have passed us by. Right now it's just anticipation and angst and sadness. Christmas is going to be so hard this year with out my Mom. I keep remembering last Christmas and how no one knew it would be her last. She was probably very sick at that point, and no one knew. Not even her. Or if she did, she never let on. Even now I think back and find it's odd she gave me her sterling silver flatware last Christmas. Why choose that year? It's been stored away in the chest it came in for many years. She already told me I could have it. It was mine anyway, but it was unlike her to wrap something like that and put it under the tree. Just another thing we'll never know the answer to.


  1. Anonymous10:59 AM

    What a special gift! Bittersweet, I imagine . . .

  2. Melanie... I think your mom did was she was prompted to do.. by a higher power. I think people know they are going to pass.. but are not aware of it... make sense? Things like what you described happen all too often for them not to be prompted.