Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Typical Day

Valerie had dance class last night. She loves her class so much and I'm glad I decided to enroll her. For a while she asked every day if she was going to dancing. Every time we pass the school she waves "Hi Dance Class!!" Sitting there watching her follow along at class makes me proud, but sad too. I went to dancing for years. My Mom brought me and usually watched. Of course she went to every recital and every rehearsal. My Mom would be thrilled to see Valerie dancing. We talked about finding a class for Val often. My Mom would have loved to see Val on stage for the recital in May.

Today was pretty uneventful. I brought Valerie to school. Veronica and I came home and I did some housework. I addressed all my Christmas cards! Now to get stamps and drop them in the mail. Every year I say I'm not sending out as many cards but then I end up with a stack anyway. We'll probably receive like 5 cards and I'm mailing out almost 40. Why? I don't know.

I had an endocrinologist appointment at 1:30. Just a routine thyroid check up. I had no clue what to do with the kids! Luckily Clint was working in town today. I brought Veronica to him at his office (yeah that's right - babysitting at work!). Then I took Val with me to my appointment. My Dad would have come if I asked, but the weather was supposed to be bad and I know it is hard for him to keep up with both kids. Anyway, doc said everything is OK but depending on how my blood work comes back he may increase my meds. Maybe it'd help me lose the 10 lbs I've been trying to drop for over a year!!!

We're also gearing up for party #2. A Christmas party this time. It should be pretty simple. Just a social event... come by whenever, eat, visit, drink, and stay however long you'd like!

And I gotta decide on a cookie recipe. I need 5 dozen cookies for our cookie swap on Friday!

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