Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wrapped up!

Maybe I'm the odd woman out, but I hate wrapping gifts. I always forget how much of a pain it is until Christmas. I usually try to wrap as I buy, but now that the girls are older that isn't happening. It's just aggravating to me dealing with the huge roll of paper, scissors, bows, tags, and tape. My Mom always told me I wrapped presents "wrong." I'm still not sure what she meant!! Something about how I sized the wrapping paper was "wrong." I was wasting paper. It's going in the trash anyway, so what difference did it make if we saved a few inches?! I can wrap a pretty gift with all the ribbons and bows. I just don't like to. Back in high school or maybe my first years of college, my Mom hounded me every holiday season to apply for a job as a gift wrapper at a local store. It was called Anthony's, which is now a Stage. Same type of store though. They offered free gift wrap and for some reason my Mom thought that was the perfect job for me. Never mind that I wrapped gifts "wrong." Never mind that I wasn't very good at it. And never mind that it was something I saw as a chore to do. I put in an application once that I recall at my Mom's persistence. It was too late though and all the gift wrappers had been hired. Whew!

Now, on the other hand, unwrapping gifts ... that's another story!


  1. Anonymous3:40 PM

    No I'm with you,gift wrapping is a total chore. I used to "wrap" gifts by putting two or three blue paper bags around them to hide what was inside, but I guess I'm too old to get away with that anymore.

  2. I hate wrapping gifts. I'm not any good at it, so that probably has a lot to do with it. I'm so glad they now have gift bags and you can just stick in lots of rumpled tissue paper.

  3. I wrapped tonight.. some of it.. i got tired and quit. Will do more tomorrow. I do not like to wrap either. ICK! I guess if I had all the supplies.. but I cannot see spending that much on paper that is going into the trash! And like you, my mother tells me I waste paper. HUH? What am I gonna wrap with that leftover sliver??? LOL