Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hello 2009

We had a nice family day yesterday. We got to the zoo just before it opened. There's lots of free stuff and at 12 noon they do a countdown and a toast for the kids. Valerie wasn't too interested in the party this year though. The music was too loud according to her. We walked around the zoo for a couple hours and headed home about 1:30 so we could rest up for the evening.

NYE was quiet. We went to our friends' house for a few hours. Ate WAY too much food! We mostly sat around and visited while the kids played. Valerie only wanted to watch the fireworks from inside, which was fine with me since it was so cold to be outside! About 9pm Roni started having a meltdown (surprise,) so we called it a night. Poor Val sobbed ALL the way home because she wanted to pop fireworks too. Yet she is terrified of the loud POP... go figure. She was exhausted after a long day too.

Today was another good day. Our friend, Susan, invited us to her house for New Year's dinner. Another day of too much yummy food! The kids were even well behaved. Roni amazingly took a nap with out *too* much fuss. We played Trivia Pursuit, which I hadn't played in years and years. It was pretty silly. Even my Dad played for a while. What a fun first day of 2009.

One thing I'm definitely doing for the new year is getting back on track with eating healthy and going to the gym. I've only been to the gym 10 times or so in the past 2 months!! I was going 3-4 times a week. I need to find my motivation again. We've been eating lots of crap too, and I can feel it. I definitely feel better when we eat well and exercise. Not to mention I need to drop these 5 lbs or so I've gained over the last few months.

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