Friday, July 10, 2009

Bed time

So yesterday we took down Veronica's crib. Sure it was converted to a toddler bed, but it was still a crib. I stood there looking at it for quite some time thinking this is the last baby bed we'll ever have. I won't lie; it made me sad to see it go. My "baby" is not really a baby anymore. I still refer to her as "the baby" in passing, but people, she's almost 2-1/2!! It was time for a big girl bed though. Every night Veronica would cry "sissy's bed!" She'd toss and turn in her little bed and kick the slats.

My Dad came to visit in his truck, and Clint went to town and bought a mattress. Her crib converts to a full size headboard/footboard, but of course those things never work the way they should. I didn't like Valerie's crib as a full sized bed, and this one wouldn't have been much better. Veronica's room is on the small size and it would have taken too much space. So, off to Sam's Clint went and bought a metal frame. I bought a new set of yellow sheets, which is Veronica's favorite color (and she will gladly tell you that over and over!!)

By bedtime, Veronica had a nice, new, yellow bed!! Both girls had a ball checking it out. The three of us snuggled in it to read stories while Clint hung out on the bean bag chair next to the bed. Val went to her room after the stories. And all hell broke loose.

I kid you not.

Veronica threw the biggest tantrum. Kicking and screaming and throwing things. She still wanted in Sissy's bed!! I guess we made a big mistake in deviating from the normal routine. Finally I sat with her on the couch and played old Sesame Street clips on YouTube until she went to sleep across my lap. We put her to bed, and at midnight she was up again. Screaming like a banshee. Just as pissed as she was before. About 1am she was finally asleep again, and thankfully she slept until 8:30 am. Yes, in her big girl bed.

I suppose it will take her some time to adjust. Veronica is definitely a child who thrives on routine and does not take well to change.


  1. It's always bittersweet when the kids go from the crib to a big kid bed. :(

    I remember those days all too well!

  2. Very sad to see it go... I know exactly how you feel. We moved to a new house a few months ago, and I stood in my babies' nursery and cried. I remembered them as teeny, tiny babies in there... I hated change. I can only imagine how hard change is for my kids.