Friday, July 24, 2009

I did it

After two years of talking and debating, we finally did it. I spent a few weeks researching online. I looked at the calendar and picked out dates. Clint put in his vacation request, and we waited for his boss to approve it. Done.

So I did it! I booked our Disney Vacation!! The last time we went was 2004. This will be our first trip with kids, so it will be a new experience.

Doesn't this look lovely? A beautiful 3 bedroom , 2 bath condo for just over $100/night. One mile from Disney property.

I know Disney isn't exactly a relaxing vacation. I don't plan to kill ourselves trying to do or see everything. I don't expect to spend more than 3 days, 4 tops at the parks. I want this to be for the kids. They will plan our day... they will decide the majority of what we see and do. We will go at their pace. We'll have seven days of fun! I can't wait for October!!!


  1. I am jealous......that condo looks plush!!! Good for you for taking charge and planning!!! You guys will have a blast!!!

  2. Beautiful! You have me excited about October, too! The girls will love it!

  3. Sounds like fun! I found your website googling navy bean soup recipes. Looks good. Thanks.

  4. This place looks fantastic. You'll have so much fun! At least the kids will mommy and daddy will probably need another vacation after all of this!

  5. Wow- how fun! I want to go so badly with the girls, but now we need to wait until Annie is a little older. The place looks fabulous!

  6. That sounds great! The whole family for a vacation. I'm sure your kids will truly enjoy it..Hope you all have fun. =)