Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I don't get it.

I love Valerie's preschool. It's a great place and I have had no complaints whatsoever!! Valerie is going to the summer camp program right now, and she is having so much fun. My gripe isn't about the school itself, but about the parents!! Thursday is water play day, so the kids wear swimsuits under their uniform. After water time is done, they put the wet clothes in their cubby. (Each child has a labeled cubby for their things.) Well... a few weeks ago swim time had ended just as I got there and the children were in the process of putting uniforms on. Val was still in her bikini, so I took her things out of her cubby and she didn't change. I open her bag at home to find her undies and a wet towel. No uniform. We asked at school the next day, and of course they never found it.

Then last Thursday Valerie came home in some other girl's underwear. "Rebeka" was written in them. Also, Val's gray shorts to wear under her uniform dress and undies were missing.

I understand things happen and it can be chaotic getting the entire class changed out of wet clothes. Somebody likely gave Val the wrong bag. What I don't get is when the child gets home with the wrong clothing items..., or an extra uniform... why don't the parents return it to school?? If some little girl went home wearing a uniform dress, and had a second in her bag, why did they keep it? It has Valerie's name in it, so it would have been very obvious that the wrong child got it. In the mean time I'm out a $15 uniform.

I put "Rebeka's" undies in a ziploc with a note and had Valerie give it to her teacher today. I sure don't want them. I wonder if we'll ever see her gray shorts again, or if I'm stuck buying a new pair.

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