Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19, 2006

It was a Wednesday. We were going out to dinner with my parents at Tampico's in Morgan City. Yum yum!! The best Mexican restaurant around. It was our usual hot spot about every occasion that required celebration. I SO wanted a pina colada. Theirs are divine!! I was looking forward to a yummy dinner and my sweet drink, and of course the chips and delish salsa. Clint worked in Lafayette that day, so he was meeting us at my parents' house since it was on his way home.

Valerie was 18 months old. I was busily packing the diaper bag, doing my hair, make-up, getting Val bathed, and dressed nicely. Typical stuff. I wanted to get to my parents' house a little early. We were going to be later than I intended.

Suddenly as I was gathering the last of our things, a thought popped into my head. Maybe? Hmm. But I didn't think so. But some weird things had happened a few weeks earlier. Girl things. It just wasn't possible, was it?? But then I wanted my pina colada, but I wondered if I should have one. I was practically on my way out the door with Valerie. I decided to hell with it... I put everything down. I quickly dug around in the bathroom cabinet and found what I was looking for.

Thirty seconds later I saw two lines.

First reaction was. OMG. Two lines????? WTF???

(I guess I'd better skip the pina colada.)

I snapped the cap on the tiny plastic stick and found a small box. Wrapped it up pretty, with my (huge) surprise inside. I told no one. The drive to Morgan City was a blur.

My Mom looked at the cake I had made for her and said how pretty it was. I was taking cake decorating classes, so I had practiced my skills. We chit chatted. Made a fuss over Val. The usual. I tried to act normal. I didn't want to see too anxious for my Mom to open her gift. Clint arrived. My Mom finally asked if she could open her present. Sure.

We went out to Tampico's as planned. Still pretty much in shock. (No, I did not have a pina colada!!!) We stopped at CVS on the way home and got a second test. The first one was old, remember?? So I needed a newer one to be certain, right?? Same results. Two lines. Oh my.

And that was how and when we found out Veronica was on her way.

Happy Birthday, Mom. She would have been 75 today.


  1. Ohhhh ... what was HIS reaction??

  2. That made me smile:) Loved her reaction. Happy birthday to your momma!

  3. Happy Birthday to your mom!