Monday, July 20, 2009

Yesterday was not a good day. It was very sad. Wish I could have stayed in bed with the covers over my head. I kept remembering last year. We knew it was going to be my Mom's last birthday. We were still in shock though. It just didn't seem right to celebrate. I didn't know what to DO for it anyway. She was not herself at that point. We had to struggle to reason with her to put on clothes. I always gave her flowers for Mother's Day and her birthday. I put flowers at her grave this year. Even my Dad, who NEVER gave my Mom flowers, brought roses to the cemetery.

I know people mean well, but telling me to focus on happy memories or celebrate anyway does nothing.

Today was a little better than yesterday. But I am still so sad.


  1. In nursing school they taught us the worst thing you could say to someone was "Don't worry," because there was no way you were ever going to lessen their worries by saying that.

    Same is true here, people can't reorder your thoughts and feelings about missing your mom. And they shouldn't ever even try.


    And happy birthday to your mom.

  2. I agree. There is nothing we can say or do to ease your pains. Just know that our thoughts are with you, and if you ever need anything, you know where to find me. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  3. I'm sending you a big hug right now.