Sunday, September 20, 2009

Not a Cake Lady!!!

Y'all know I like to bake. Of course I've made birthday cakes for my kids. I've even made a few for friends. Mainly because I like to do it and every so often I enjoy a challenge. It keeps me practicing my skills. I don't do it to make money. I donate my time and ask for a few dollars to cover the supplies. I am not a professional and as I said I do it for people I know and because I enjoy it. If you need a cake ~ it's ok to ask! If it's a bad time or something beyond my capbalities, sorry I may not accept. I like it that way - being able to choose. Mainly because people who do not bake and decorate cakes have no clue what goes into it. They have no idea about the time involved. They do not appreciate my time. I don't care to deal with presumptious and/or demanding customers. Or nicely declining a cake request only to have the person argue with you? No thanks.

That is why I have no desire to be a cake lady.

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