Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hats off! or on...

Valerie found this sun hat at my Dad's house a while back. I am not sure how it turned up in the toys. I am certain it was something my Mom had to hang on a door for decoration. Anyway, it's white, floppy, and has some silk flowers hot glued to it. Valerie immediately claimed it has 'hers' and it actually suited her quite well. When we visited my Dad this week, Val asked if she could bring 'her' hat home. Of course! Yesterday she started calling it her tea party hat. At dinner time, she ran to her room to "get ready for the party", she said. And came out wearing her white dress that is part of a snow white dress up set. I then had to find Roni a party dress too. We just had to eat our fancy tea party dinner (burgers and fries!) in the dining room, which we rarely eat in there!! (We eat at the breakfast area table.) After Val wanted to take pictures in her fancy hat.


  1. Such a beauty...little princess!!! Aren't girls great!!!
    Just wanted to say I have been a terrible commenter but I read EVERY post that you right....I think it's great to be so open with your keeps it real for all of us!!! It's great for you, for the support as well but some people don't realize what it's like to's raw and it's real. You do a great job with expressing your feelings. Thank You!!!

  2. So precious. Kids have such a great imagination. It's so amazing to watch and listen to them. Val is looking so grown up. It seems like just yesterday that she was a baby.