Monday, November 02, 2009

Farewell, Freds

So Tough Fred and Soft Fred have vanished. Lost somewhere on our Disney journey I suppose.

What? No idea what I'm talking about?

See the bunny? That is Soft Fred. Tough Fred was exactly the same, except dirtier. Yes the soft one was clean and the dirty one was tough. That was how Valerie told them apart.

Before Valerie was born, somebody gave me Tough Fred (as he came to be known much later) as a baby shower gift. Valerie was about 5 months old when we introduced her to him, and she latched on to the bunny blanket immediately. It was oh so soft and cuddly!! She became SO attached to it, I purchased a second to have a back up. That plan backfired once Val figured out there were two of them. She wanted both.

Two years ago while visiting Santa at the mall, one of the Fred's was lost. I scrambled on eBay to find a replacement and even had Val's name put on it. Santa had cleaned him up and put her name on it we told her on Christmas morning. Thus, Soft Fred was born as he was shiny and new, and oh so cuddly.

So for nearly five years Valerie has carted those bunnies around. They have many miles on them and were much loved. The attachment had lessened, but there are still times when she cuddles her bunnies. Until now....

A few days ago, Valerie asked for them. We have looked and looked. I have searched the house and they are no where to be found. I am positive they were in the car when we left the hotel. I made sure of it as Veronica has a yellow set (Butters and Other Butters, as she calls them.) The two Freds are gone. Somehow between the hotel and the 5 hour drive home, they vanished. I just can't imagine where or how.

Thankfully, Valerie has only asked for them that once. She is old enough that she doesn't need them anymore. But still.... it makes me so sad to think I will never see her carrying those floppy bunnies around. Her beloved bunnies. Her most favorite toys -- gone. I haven't told Val yet. We just said we'd find them later. Part of me is still holding out hope that they will turn up. It doesn't look likely though.

*** UPDATE***
On a whim, I called the hotel in Pensacola. The bunnies have been found!! The lady I spoke to knew all about them (the bunnies.) They had actually tried to call ME to tell me they had been turned in. Amazing. I don't know how we managed to leave them, but we did. Hopefully by tomorrow they will be on their way home to us!!! Whew.

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  1. yah! I love a happy ending :) She may not need them.. but having them is priceless.