Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A message....

Do you believe in ghosts? Spirits? Supernatural and the unexplained? I'm on the fence. There have been odd occurrences in my life that have been tough to explain. The stereo turning on all by itself. Not once, but twice. Things falling. It has always been interesting to me. I still have a Ouija board tucked away somewhere.

Last night I had a very strange dream. Or was it?

I was laying in our bed. Asleep. I *felt* someone get in the bed. The mattress gave. Almost like it was bouncing. Moms out there will know what I'm talking about. That sensation of someone or a little one is climbing in the bed. You're asleep, but yet you still KNOW. It stopped. Then more movement. Bouncing. My first thought was that Valerie had come to cuddle with me. Kids do that you know. I'd have sworn she was right next to me.

Then a whisper. "I'm here." I didn't feel any breath. But the sound was right in my ear. Or seemed to be.

And with that, I opened my eyes. I lay still waiting for "Valerie's" next move. Nothing.

I turned to find an empty bed. No one but me.

Was it a dream.... or?? I honestly don't know what to think.

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  1. hmmm maybe it is someone trying to tel you it going to be ok and i am here if you need me (just to talk outloud and it like they are listen), i use to talk to my dad when he passed i know it sound nuts but i was like i am missing you and wish you could be here to be apart of my kids life. thing like that. so i know what u mean. cause one time i saw my dad there and my sister in law. i know they are my angels. so maybe someone is trying you something and they doing these thing to let you no your not alone and they are there. ok i know you thinking i am nuts. it is ok if you are lol. love ya gf