Wednesday, December 09, 2009

An awesome gingerbread house

Yesterday was rainy and dreary. We were pretty much stuck at home inside all afternoon. Rain = bored and cranky kids. I had been wanting to make a gingerbread house, so I decided it would be a good day for it.

A few years ago someone gave me a Pampered Chef gingerbread mold. It is super easy to do, and I figured I would make two houses. One for the kids to decorate and one for me. The first one gave me so much darn trouble ~ ugh! It fell apart twice and I ended up having to re-make the royal icing. I was trying to use icing that I made for Val's birthday cake (that I never got to make) and it just wasn't holding. So I made another batch. All the while the kids were screaming and fighting and crying like the little angels they are.... Valerie kept asking me why was it taking so long? Veronica kept being mean to her big sister. And so on. I never got around to the second one. Maybe today.

FINALLY after a brief struggle (and cursing) I was able to glue the darn walls and the roof together. And it didn't collapse. I let it sit to dry for a little while, then let the kids have their way with it.

I gave them each an icing bag with a star tip. We used the candy we got from the Christmas parade a few days ago.

And WOW.

Just WOW!!!

I could not believe how well my little decorators did!! I know I am biased since they are my kids and all... but just wow. They each took their time and placed each candy in *just* the right spot. Valerie used her icing tip just perfectly. They are pros already!! I look at it and think there is NO WAY an (almost) five year old and a two year old made this. It belongs on the cover of Martha Stewart magazine or something. Of course they get their talent from their Mommy!!!


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  1. AMAZING work! We have, no, HAD one that looked strikingly similar!