Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bells for Her

There is an entry way closet at my Dad's house. It used to be filled with junk, but at some point along the way my Mom turned it into a linen closet for towels and laundry baskets. The junk is still there though - stacked up on the high shelves. It's mostly odd and end stuff, holiday decor, candles, and nick-nack sort of things.

The other day while we were there my Dad decided to get out the Christmas tree so the kids could decorate it. It's a tiny two or three foot tree because my Mom got tired of messing with a big tree. I called it the "Charlie Brown Tree." She still wanted a tree but it was too much trouble with the big one she said. Anyway, I went on the hunt for ornaments and of course found them stashed in the closet. I started poking around to see what other Christmas treasures were in there. It made me really sad as I took down box after box. One box was labeled in my Mom's handwriting "Christmas 2007." It was all new things. My Mom likely bought them in an after Christmas sale in 2007, never knowing it wouldn't come. Not for her.

I spied a Wal-Mart bag and in it I found her handmade ornaments. My Mom was so crafty and creative. And everything always turned out just the way she wanted it. In the bag was a few crocheted angels. She loved angels. And there were the bells. Oh the bells!!! I had forgotten about the bells!!

Quite a few years ago we were at a craft show and found the cutest plastic canvas bells. My Mom just loved them. But heck no was she going to buy one! She wanted to make it. She searched high and low for the pattern with no avail. Somehow she stumbled on a craft Yahoo group. She described the bells and said she was seeking the pattern. Lo and behold some kind soul knew exactly what it was and sent it to her.

She made them in all colors. Then another year she made all new ones to match her "Charlie Brown" sized red and gold tree. My tree is a mish mash of stuff, so they match perfectly!! I think she'd be happy to know they are there. Along with her other handmade ornaments, of course.


  1. I love the bells! It's been so long since I last stiched some plastic canvas together.

    This post brought a tear to my eye...I know you miss your mother dearly. :(

  2. Sweet Christmas memories of your mother. It's hard when everything reminds you of her--hard, and yet surprisingly touching. Yet each year it's a nice remembrance and a chance to keep her memory alive.

  3. Anonymous8:53 PM

    What a sweet post!!

    The bells look great!

  4. Anonymous11:28 PM

    I love the bell!