Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 7

Today is day 7 with out Internet service. Clint has called and bitched at AT&T three times now. On Thursday, our replacement modem would be shipped next day air and would arrive by Saturday.

On Sunday, he was told the modem had shipped and would be here Monday or Tuesday.

On Monday, there was NO record of our order number. It didn't exist and there was nothing showing a modem was even on it's way.

It's supposed to be here tomorrow. Or so they say.


We had Comcast previously, and it was unreliable and nothing but trouble. I'm thinking we may give them another shot.

I don't know who's wireless I'm picking up. It's not my neighbors' as previously thought. As long as my laptop is on the counter aligned with my kitchen window, I can pick up a signal. Slow as heck, but it's there. If it disconnects, all I have to do is dial up and the wireless connects also. Weird, huh?

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