Monday, December 14, 2009

December Child

Growing up, I always felt terrible for kids with December birthdays. Especially those right at Christmas time. To get short changed on presents? Oh no! Plus everyone is so busy with the holidays that birthdays get put on the back burner. Secretly I was glad it wasn't me! I was happy with my end of summer birthday, thank you.

Now, of course my first born's birthday is in December. When I found out my due date - December 29, my first reaction was oh no! A Christmas baby! It was a blessing to be home with a newborn that first Christmas. It made it so special. It still is and always will be a special time for our family. But to everyone else, sometimes it's a different story.

I'll never forget when someone I knew very well sent me a lengthy email complaining about having to buy a birthday gift for a child at Christmas. This person went on and on about how inconvenient it was and how buying a birthday gift was just an unwanted expense at this time of year. And the nerve of the child (and parents) to have a birthday and a party so close to Christmas. My jaw dropped. I just sat there reading in disbelief. I didn't know how to respond. I don't think I said anything, but now I wish I would have. (Funny how people's true colors shine when you least expect it.) For you see, Valerie's birthday is December 21. And this person knew that. (Oh and for the record ~ she was complaining about someone else.) You can't choose your birthday. We didn't have much say so in the matter.

I won't lie. It's tough. It isn't easy trying to plan a birthday party in the middle of Christmas chaos. I usually try to have it a few weeks early so that there's a little bit of a break. And presents? It's not easy deciding what is Christmas and what is birthday gifts at the same time. And I guess my child is forever doomed to receive birthday gifts decked out in Christmas wrapping paper. But no, it's not an inconvenience. We just go with it. It IS kind of special having a birthday party with Christmas decorations all around!

Valerie is still too young to really get it. When she's older, I'll probably let her decide when to have her party. A New Year's Eve slumber party birthday sounds fun to me. Even a June half birthday would work. I try to stress to Valerie that it is special to have a birthday at Christmas. For now, she believes me.

I think.


  1. I think our kids are very special having their birthdays close to Christmas. Esp since they came before their due dates (they just wanted presents LoL). I think as long as you keep making her birthday special (which I know you will) she'll never feel "ripped off".

  2. Anonymous2:06 PM

    It never fails to blow my mind what people will say!!! How rude and just plain stupid can someone be???

    We have the opposite -- both of our boys are summer babies. Once he started school, I quickly figured out Andy, my oldest, wouldn't have very many attending birthday parties, because his birthday is July 7. LOTS of people go on vacation over July 4. So instead, now we try to schedule a vacation trip during his birthday, too, and he loves that! For my youngest, his is May 28, so like a week after school is out. I usually schedule his around the first of May, and it's always worked out well.


  3. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Birthdays are special no matter what day or month. I just went to a BD party this past weekend and didn't give it a thought.

    Some people just likes to complain, lol.

    Hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday.

  4. Rich's Bday is Dec 11. I try not to put up the Cmas decorations until after his Bday. once, we had a Bday in July for him! :) he was surprised all right.