Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Tired, tired, and more tired is how I feel!! Veronica is sick and hasn't been doing more crying than sleeping. During the day she's fine, but at night she starts feeling bad again. She has lovely strep throat, which I'm sure Valerie will come down with any day!

Valerie had a GREAT birthday!! She brought cupcakes for her class at school. There are only 14 kids in her class and the cupcakes came in quantities of 30. I figured that would be good since we'd have leftovers to bring home. For some reason, the school shared them with another class - the 3 year olds. That's fine and all, but I felt bad that we didn't have any birthday cake for Valerie at home!

Anyway, Veronica and I put on party hats and waited while Clint picked up Val from school. When she came in, we yelled "Surprise! Happy Birthday" and sang to her. She giggled and was so happy. We took her out for dinner and some friends met us there. Then we played a few games in the restaurant's party room. After that we went to the mall to see the "snow."

Today was our annual cookie swap playdate. So fun!! They found a Santa to come visit and hand out gifts. And of course, there were TONS of yummy cookies and snacks. It was a great playdate!!

Now, I'm tired and the next few days are going to be non-stop.

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  1. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Happy Birthday Val!!

    Hope the little one starts feeling better.

    Those cookies and stuff look YUMMY!!

    Merry Christmas!