Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ho ho ho!!

Saturday (even though Valerie had the flu) I took the girls to the mall for their Santa picture. Some kids cry when they see Santa, but not mine. When she first saw him, Veronica yelled out "SANTA!!" And jumped up and down. Valerie followed with "I see SANTA!!" Then Veronica kept trying to run to the front of the line. Leave it to my kid to shove everyone out of her way to get to Santa first. Luckily it wasn't very busy so she didn't really bother anyone. Anyway, their picture came out halfway decent. I keep all their Santa pictures together and line them up on the piano every year. I like seeing how much the kids have changed. Santa, he always looks the same.

I was always terrified of Santa. There is not ONE photo of me with Santa. I can remember getting in line at the mall for pictures. But the more I thought about it, the closer we'd get, the more I realized I didn't really WANT to. I was scared. So I'd convince my Mom to bail. I don't think she minded because she probably didn't want to wait in line!!! Wait... I think there is one picture at a church function. And the only reason it exists was because I was standing *near* Santa to get a present.

What about you? Share your Santa photo stories!!


  1. I have one Santa picture when I was five... other than that, nada.
    My kids are realizing that not all Santas look alike. Our church Santa (at Sunday night's party) "talked like a girl." And, "wore girl glasses."

  2. No Santa pictures. Aside from young shildhoos being before Polaroids, I have no memories of department store Santas.

    My childhood years were during WWII, so that might have had something to do with the Santa thing.

  3. oh i have one and i was sitting on his Lap crying and they still took my pic i have it somewhere I know i do! lol I could not even believe my mom put me though that i did not want to go why make me.just so she can have a pic!!!> sigh now i am so glad my kids love Santa.

  4. As a child, my mom always took us to Sears to see Santa, but I don't remember any pictures with Santa. Our neighbor dresses as Santa every year for different events. I have a photo taken with him. (No not sitting on his lap.) I guess a photo 30-somrthing years late is better than no Santa pictures.