Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Ready... set... WRITE!

It's that time of year.... time for Holidailies!! I'd like to invite all of you to join in this year. Basically it's a blog project and you are supposed to post daily for a month. If you're not quite up to that challenge, there is a section called Holidailies at Home for less frequent posters. Writing prompts are offered to help with ideas if you get stuck. It's a wonderful way to find great new blogs to read and also to make new friends. So, stay tuned.... daily updates to begin shortly!!! Be sure to sign up and let me know that you did!!


  1. This sounds like fun!

    Another friend & blogger challenged me to take part in Project 365 ( which is posting a picture (and a lil' blurb) daily.

  2. So glad you're liking Holidailies and are doing it again. Best of luck and have a good time.