Saturday, December 26, 2009

Still no internet

It's going to be Monday or Tuesday before our Internet is fixed. I've figured out that if I position my laptop in line with my kitchen window which is facing a tiny (bathroom?) window at my neighbor's house I can pick up their wireless. I guess I shouldn't complain since I'm "borrowing" it but man it's S-L-O-W!! And it keeps dropping. I can't read blogs or look at pictures. Anyway, I'm behind on Holidailies posting and reading, so hopefully I can catch up next week.

We had a really nice Christmas. My Dad came Christmas Eve (with his dog!) and spent the night. We had our traditional party food and opened gifts. We forced the kids to go to bed and Santa passed. Operation trampoline was a huge success. I'm so proud ~ It's kinda fun saying we were able to hide a trampoline in plain sight for two whole days!! The favorites for both Valerie and Veronica so far are the trampoline of course, tinker toys, and the Cinderella castle play set we bought at Disney World.

Once we're back online I'll post some pictures taken with my new fancy camera!


  1. Post-Katrina I was at my daughter's house in Abita Springs. We were on the bed, her laptop in her lap, while she "borrowed" her neighbor's wireless.

    It took only a couple of days for the PJ's by I-12 to reopen. It's a miracle the electrical system didn't tank--there were multiple plugs in every outlet, and more multiples in the first ones. A fire marshall would have had a fit--before he was lynched by the internet users.

  2. Anonymous10:24 AM

    I feel for ya! My internet was out last week for 3 days. Luckily, I could get my "fix" at work, lol.

    Hope it gets fixed for you soon and you had a great Christmas!!