Friday, January 01, 2010

Twenty Ten

Happy New Year everyone!! Welcome to 2010. New year, new decade. And hopefully greater things to come....

I would really like to work on myself this year. Somehow, some way I MUST lose this extra weight. I have the exercise part down. You'll find me at the gym at least three, sometimes four mornings a week. My minimum is 40 minutes of cardio, but I think I may increase it to 50 at least twice a week. I was doing a few rounds on the weight machines, but earlier in the year I injured my shoulder. I just started doing a few reps with very light weights to get used to the motion.

So yeah, I exercise. A lot. And I never lose any weight. I've actually put on a few pounds.... (thanks Christmas cookies and thyroid disease.)

Hopefully this year I can get on track to eating better and healthier.

Last year I did quite a bit of decluttering around the house. Freecycle is the best. My house is in MUCH better shape (most days) than it used to be. I'd like to do more.

Hello 2010. Let's hope this is a good year for everyone.


  1. you are kidding us about the extra weight right?!?!
    you look fabulous girl ... don't be so hard on yourself!!

  2. Happy twenty ten!

    Good luck trimming off those extra pounds. I find shunning sweets helps the most.