Sunday, April 04, 2010


I really hate how some people pretend to care and fake interest to look good. Stop commenting on Clint's FB status already!! You know who you are. We know you're just putting on a show so give up the charade. You haven't seen us in over a year by no fault but your own. And pretending to be interested in my child's birthday so that no one would think you had forgotten? Um seriously we're supposed to buy that? Anyway, it was a month ago and you have yet to acknowledge her in any way. Not that she even knows who you are - again, no fault but your own. I doubt you have the guts to show up here with a gift, but it doesn't take much effort to drop a card in the mail. Plus, no response from you when Clint steps up and mentions getting together so the kids can play. If you can't put aside whatever you're pissy about for the kids' sake, that's sad and childish. They certainly didn't do you any thing, but then again neither did we. I really wish Clint would stop faking nice and tell you like it is, and ask you WTF happened for you to black list us, but he is inclined to play along and keep giving you chances to redeem yourself. Whatever. I'm done. Can't wait to see what turns up on your FB playground next....unless one of your friend audits comes around again and we're cut. Ha.Ha.

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