Wednesday, April 21, 2010


~ Haven't been in much of a blogging mood. Too tired mostly. Nothing interesting to say.

~ Alone. Seems like I have been alone forever and there's no end in sight.

~ It's exhausting. I really need a break.

~ I've been feeling kind of sad. And alone.

~ Clint is finally coming home this weekend after being stranded in the UK. But we'll only see him for a few days and he has to go right back.

~ Kids are doing great!

~ Although Veronica still cries way too much.

~ Valerie is registered for kindergarten (yikes!) Veronica is registered for 3 year old pre-k. Both girls are signed up for summer camp two days a week.

~ Valerie's Nanny brought over some Easter gifts and Veronica just FREAKED out. I don't think I have ever seen her so excited to see someone!

~ Their dance recital is right around the corner - looking forward to it. Hope Clint is back by then.

~ Looks like he's going to miss Valerie's pre-k graduation though. Sucks.

~ I've been trying to keep the girls busy with fun things: swimming at the Y, shopping, visits with my Dad, playdates... they get so bored and ask for Daddy all the time.

~ I want to buy a pool. a nice one.

~ I am so ready for Clint to come home.

~ I am NOT ready for him to leave again.

~ My "new" routine at the gym is: 60 mins of cardio every day for a week. 30 mins of cardio plus weights the next week. Repeat. Avoiding the scale for now....

~ How dumb is it that I have shorts and jeans size 10-12, yet the size 8 shorts I bought yesterday are too big. A 6? come on.

~ I hate people who go on and on about themselves and never listen to what you have to say.

~ Most of this makes no sense.

~ Sometimes I just don't care. About anything.

~ Again, I'm tired.


  1. I've been feeling "blah" lately're definitely not alone, girl.

  2. Following you back and I just LOVE the lady bug picture on the previous post!! You are very talented!! :)

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