Friday, April 30, 2010

Ugh Ugh!

I know I shouldn't complain. It could always be worse. Always. There's always somebody else worse off than you. We found out this morning that Clint has to leave for Scotland again in three days. Not the eleven we were planning on. We were thinking we had all next week to to spend together and get things done. Not so. I know it's his job and he has no choice, but being by myself is really getting old. He JUST got home - not even a week ago. He's only been home for five days and has worked all day every one of those days. And now he's leaving again and will be away most of May. We spent no time together as a family. Valerie requested that Daddy pick her up from school just so she could have him to herself on the drive!! I was hoping for a little down time for myself next week also. Plus, he'll miss Valerie's pre-k graduation and the girls' dance recital. And I'll need to figure out babysitting for a few things I must attend with out the kids. *sigh* I know there's nothing I can do but stick it out, but I'm ready for all of this traveling to be over with!

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  1. awwww sorry to hear that but for sure it is also hard for him.

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