Saturday, May 29, 2010


It seems we have reached an agreement on what to do about the RV park situation. Clint has been thinking about it and with out even talking to me, he derived a solution that suits us both. I think. Still, I am not happy about the way he handled it. We're out a ridiculous amount of money. We may be able to get some of it back. But that money that could have gone to other and better things... And I don't like how he did it so secretively. But, we're working on it.

Now we have to deal with the moving to Texas issue. *sigh*

Friday, May 28, 2010

Clean up!

Sorry for all the drama. (I'm just so negative, as y'all know. Right.) I'm doing a little (late) spring cleaning to get rid of the trolls around here so it will soon be back to normal.

I don't understand though. If you dislike me so much - why spend so much time here? Why waste hours (and I mean HOURS!) and dig through the archives.... And what should it matter what I say about you if you're done with us?

Please move on and stalk someone else, k?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

CD Review: One eskimO, "All Balloons"

Recently I was given the privilege by One2One Network of reviewing the current CD All Balloons by the band One eskimO. I had never heard of the band prior to this! Here's a little info about the group.

* One eskimO is a critically-acclaimed English band fronted by singer-songwriter Kristian Leontiou and includes musicians Pete Rinaldi (guitar), Jamie Sefton (bass, horns) and Adam Falkner (drums).

* They currently have the #1 adult alternative song called 'Kandi' which you may have already heard since it's the most played song on all adult rock radio 4 weeks and counting

* Billboard Magazine calls One eskimO's self-titled debut album "...catchy, ambient pop." and Los Angeles Times Magazine hails the song "Kandi" “a beautiful, aspirational track.” The album is available in stores now.

* The album release comes in tandem with a full length animated film. “Hometime”, one of the tracks that an animated short was first done with proved to be quite a sensation. It received numerous honors at film festivals around the world, as well as a 2008 British Animation Award.

* Band is on tour May/June/July supporting Michael Franti and in addition to festivals and headlining shows

I first listened to the just beginning of each track to get a feel for the album. It seemed pretty mellow and easy to listen too. I liked it! Then I went back and listened to the CD in it's entirety several times. Basically I put it on repeat while I did housework! It usually takes me a few listens to decide if I like a song or not. If I find myself humming it later in the day it means I like it! The songs have a quirky feel to them, but in a good way. Kristian Leontiou has a unique voice. It's soft yet it grabs your attention. I did a little research and discovered one eskimO is on tour with Tori Amos! I've been a huge Tori fan for years, so that sealed the deal. I am really enjoying this CD. It would be great music to open a bottle of wine with and relax!

If you're looking for some new music, be sure to check on One eskimO's All Balloons! You'll be glad you did.

For more info, visit the band's website at:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Sun

The world does not revolve around me. I never indicated I thought it did.

But, just to make things clear to the simple minded people out there:

That is generally how it works.
I am free to write whenever I want. How I want. About whomever I want. And if you don't like it, you know where you can go.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not an angel

Seriously, if you're going to tell someone you are cutting them out of your life, you should at least give them an explanation. Especially when they ask what happened. Vague, generic answers don't cut it. Giving someone the silent treatment and just going on like they were never a part of your life is childish. Out of the blue, I'm being accused of causing a family heartache and hurt, and being negative. (gee that sounds familiar, doesn't it Jenn?) I don't see how it's possible since we rarely saw them or spoke anyway. The times I have asked to visit or bring the boys' gifts, I got the same response: I have to check my calendar. Yes, in order to obtain a visit I had to be penciled in on a calender. WTF? And weeks and months later, still there was "no time" for me to drop off presents since she was "too busy." It was February before those kids saw Christmas gifts from us by no fault of mine. And the circumstances they were delivered was a joke. That is why for Easter, I chose to have gifts delivered because I wanted to be sure they got them before July 4th.

Clint and I always had the feeling we were being avoided. Every. single. event we invited this person to, she'd decline or found something else to do that day. Her other family members would come, but she would not. Sure sometimes she'd show up, but it was usually late and she ignored us. It was noticed by others, not just us. Now at least we know we were right.

Funny thing is, this person pretends to be very church going and holy. I don't think so. She's very self centered, gossips and backstabs more than anyone. She's been rude and insulted me to my face. And every so often claims to "change" and goes right back to her old ways.

Really, it's just ridiculous and petty. Anyway, this saves me a lot of trouble of being nice to someone we never cared for and this was good for entertainment today.

ETA PS: I'm not the one with issues and nor am I trying to pin it on anyone. I am not making excuses. I wish you would go into detail, so I can find out what you are biting your tongue about. (Which is contradictory by the way - biting your tongue for too long but refusing to give details.) I sure am not biting mine. And hurt? Don't even go there. So happy to help with your diet.... good luck that.

Monday, May 24, 2010

We Love to Dance! (videos!)

Yesterday was Valerie and Veronica's dance recital. They were so cute in their costumes -- all the girls were!! It was hectic getting them ready to leave, and crazy at the auditorium with all the running backstage and back to my seat. (Thankfully I had some help changing costumes and shoes - thanks Jenn!!) I was so proud of my little girls. ♥ They worked so hard all year learning their dances!! ♥ I was sad that Clint had to miss it, but we had lots of friends come out to support them to make up for Daddy not being there.

The only snag was that when Valerie was called to receive her two year award, Veronica popped up and happily toddled over with her hand out. It was so CUTE but I just knew she was going to start bawling when there was no trophy for her. I guess she saw the other girls in her class being called and when Valerie went up, she thought it was her turn too! The instructor just asked for a 'high five' and sent her back to sit on stage. Uh oh, I just KNEW a meltdown was coming! She started to hang her head like she does when her feelings are hurt... So I shut off the video camera and RAN to the dressing room and grabbed the trophy I had for her our of our bag. I was the only parent backstage so they saw me first as they walked off. She was all smiles when I gave her the trophy so WHEW crisis avoided!!!

It was such a great day and I'm so proud of my little dancers! ♥

Check out the youtube videos of their performance below the pics ~ enjoy! (and watch for the kiss around 2:30 from Valerie on Single Ladies!)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

curve ball

Just when you think things are going your way, life throws you a curve ball.

The past few days have been horrible. Clint and I are having issues regarding decisions he has been making behind my back. Yes he is 6,000 miles away and we have a big problem. I feel so betrayed and confused. I can't figure out why he made the choices he did. And kept secrets. And lied. We're supposed to be a team and I don't understand how he forgot that. I'm not sure how to handle it.

Then yesterday, Clint got devastating news at work. We don't need this right now. One of my biggest worries about his job has come true. I haven't a clue what we're going to do about it.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Remember this?

I Am Beyond Aggravated.

Clint's "wonderful" relatives have told us in not so many words that we won't get a dime from them for the washer/dryer. Their reasoning (excuses) are they paid for some other things on their own (like tools and fuel) so they don't have to pay for the appliances that they told Clint to buy. Um, excuse me but if they paid for something out of pocket it was their CHOICE to do so. I have no doubt if they had sent Clint a bill he would have blindly forked over his share. This is the only purchase we have made outright and they are refusing to pay their share. They are "broke" (get a job maybe??) I'm pissed. Clint is pissed.


Clint's relatives have come up with the idea that Clint - only Clint - should apply for one of the SBA loans being offered to those affected by the oil spill. Their credit is shit and would likely be denied, so they are thinking it's best for JUST Clint to apply. They want the money to pay off the current loan at the bank, and therefore would no longer be in jeopardy of losing the land they put up as collateral. They also heard that BP will pay off all SBA loans, so they are in a hurry to get one just in case that happens. They are refusing to pay for a stupid washing machine, so we're supposed to take their word they'll pay the loan? HELL NO! Hell no is Clint taking out a loan to cover their ass. And that' is exactly what I told them. The nerve!!

Clint keeps telling me he's thinking about jumping ship because he is fed up. Honestly, I wish he would. The awful thing is he'd lose all the money he has put into this and it's quite substantial. I wish I knew how they talked him into getting involved in this crap. They are up to their eyeballs in debt - the bank loan and vendors - and it will be YEARS before they recoup their investment. His relatives can't even get a Sears card because their credit is so screwed, yet they are handling the finances. They can't handle their personal affairs so how in the hell can they effectively run a business?? They have no idea about accounting or budgeting or money management.

I refuse - REFUSE - to let Clint put another dime into this mess. The next time they ask for money to pay bills, I will tell them we'll pay it on the washer and call it even.

This is such a disaster.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Quote of the Day

As I turned down the street that Valerie's school, we saw a man on a bicycle. I have no clue if he inspired her but this is what she said after we passed him:
"Know what, Mom?"
"If you see a man who isn't fat or old , that is a DUDE."

Uh huh.


Last night was Valerie's pre-k graduation. I was so excited and kind of nervous for her too. My Dad visited for the day and we took the girls out to dinner before the ceremony. We arrived at the library much later than I had intended. I wanted to be there early so I could get a seat up front to take pictures, and my Dad was going to stand in the back with the video camera. There were no empty seats up front, so we sat in the second to last row. I guess it turned into a good thing because right after it started, I checked on my Dad and he had the video camera OFF! Eeeek! We would have missed the entire thing if I hadn't been close enough to check. I took over the camera after that! Unfortunately, someone in the front row switched places with a young boy and pretty much blocked Valerie from my view. I tried moving everywhere I could, but I just couldn't see her very well. And every now and then someone would hold up a camera and block her completely. Not happy about that!! I didn't like the way the kids were standing. Half on a platform and half on the floor. Val was on the floor, so that was part of why I couldn't see her. They also didn't do the slide show presentation the school had been sending letters home about for two months. Unsure why... technical difficulties I guess? Over all the program was really sweet. The kids sang and did hand motions to several songs. They gave out little graduation caps with tassels and a certificate. And there was cake afterwards!

I can't believe my baby girl is off to kindergarten next year!!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thanks, but no thanks!

What's the point of volunteering to help someone when you are unable to follow through? I'm more than a little annoyed. I didn't ask - someone stepped in and said "Friend, let me do this for you! Let me help you!" And so when I actually took them up on the offer - I got a confused answer... What? Oh sorry, I'm busy; I can't do that!! Like it was unheard of. WTF? Whatever... I guess I've learned my lesson.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Celebrating Mom Challenge

This week's challenge on is "Celebrating Mom." I took this photo of Valerie and I along our back fence!

Sunday, May 09, 2010


Our Mother's Day tradition was to eat at the Holiday Inn. The restaurant in the hotel always had an amazing buffet on holidays. And we sure loved to eat! Every year my Mom would waiver back and forth about going because she didn't want to pay their high price for a buffet. And every year, she'd change her mind and make our reservations. Usually whoever my boyfriend at the time was would tag along. I always sent my Mom flowers, usually roses. Online usually had the best prices. Where else could you get two dozen roses delivered for less than $40?

Eventually I became a Mom, and things shifted a bit. Mom to Valerie. Then Veronica. The focus was on both of us now. It was our day. My Mom always gave me a little something - a plant or a card. Something.

Our last Mother's Day together, we had our traditional meal at the Holiday Inn. Before we left, we lined up on my Mom's couch and snapped pictures with my new pocket camera. Kids were fussy and wiggly so we didn't take many. I probably delted most of them. I wish we would have tried harder. I didn't know they'd be the last. At the restaurant, I can tell you just where we were sitting. Several people came up to say hello and to oooh and ahh at one-year-old Veronica, who was by the way - cranky. We left in a hurry and I forgot the insulated pack I kept milk in for her. I followed my Mom out the door as we left and watched her limp. Her leg/hip had been hurting for weeks but I really didn't think too much of it, but yet deep down it bothered me. We had no idea it was a sign of things to come.


Honestly, this year I have tried to avoid thinking much about Mother's Day. I knew Clint wasn't going to be here so there was no one to make plans with. I've seen all the displays in the stores and kept walking. It's just not the same anymore. It's hard to celebrate when my Mom is gone. It seems everyone I know was out shopping for their Mothers and making plans to spend the day with family. And I spent the day all by myself with the kids. There's no more Holiday Inn dinners. No more group pictures. Only graveside flowers now. I know somebody will say I should just focus on the fact that I'm a Mom now and I have two great little girls. But this is hard. It makes me sad too because She isn't here to celebrate them.

Not that today was a total loss... Clint had the florist deliver me a gift Friday. Valerie made something at school and drew me an awesome picture on her own. For some reason, they were awake at the crack of dawn this morning so we went to Waffle House for breakfast. It was so early we had the entire place to ourselves. I spent the day with my girls. We baked a cake; I watched them swim and play. It was a good day and not entirely sad. But it was kind of lonely.

I really missed my Mom.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

Yesterday, my Dad and I did this:

When I first mentioned getting a pool to Clint, his response was we are already paying for a pool. Meaning the YMCA pool. Yeah, it's a nice indoor pool and we love going there with friends. But it's not always convenient to pack up the kids and drive across town to swim! And sometimes it's crowded and sometimes not. Sometimes it's closed. The more I thought about how I'm going to be the one to entertain the kids most of the summer by myself, the more I wanted a pool! I mentioned it again and Clint agreed to go to Target and get one! He had every intention of putting it up before leaving, but he had a mere 3 days notice that he was leaving a week earlier than scheduled.

My Dad came yesterday and we got to work. It wasn't hard at all and didn't take long, but it was HOT! We got in it while we were filling it up yesterday but not for very long. I do think I feel a rock under the darn liner so we may end up having to drain it, but oh well. Today I waited until Valerie got home from school so we could go swim. Part of the reason I wanted a bigger pool is to help her get over her fear of water. Well, she's definitely not scared of this pool!! Veronica either. They spent nearly three hours in there today and I had to force them to get out because it was getting dark! Then they wanted to jump on the trampoline... oh boy! How I wish I had their energy.

Now if I can just keep the water from turning green!

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

On and on and on

I have no clue how I'm going to do this! It's only been a day and I'm exhausted. I guess technically I have been on my own since March. Major burn out is on the way. Clint has been here about 15 days total in all of this time, and most of those he was working. It will be sometime in July before he is home for good ... JULY!!

I'm tired of the "I wants" and the "I don't wants" and the bickering and the crying. Oh the crying!!! Why does Veronica have to cry so much?? If I hear the whine "But I want the PINK Barbie!" one more time, I swear I'll lose it. Just the constant "Moooomma momma momma" is driving me crazy. I seriously can't leave the room with out one of them calling for me. They have to be right by me all the time and can't do a thing themselves it seems. I can't even go to the bathroom or take a shower with out one of them having a 'crisis.' The not wanting to go to bed and the struggle to get them dressed in the morning. Not wanting to get in the car, then not wanting to get out of the car. The waking up all night long. The not listening and lately the hitting each other... Did I mention the crying?? On top of that trying to keep the house in order, the bills paid, shopping, and errands taken care of.... On and On. ugh.

Yes, I know that probably sounds horrible. I have great kids but being alone every day and being their sole parent for 4 months, every day, 24 hours a day, is rather tiring.

I guess I just need to suck it up and quit complaining since there isn't anything I can do about it.

Monday, May 03, 2010


Charles Bixton: "You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it."

What is time to you? Is it just the numbers or the clock... or is it more?

I know I have been very grateful when someone gives me a little of their time. When time is taken out of someone's busy schedule to be there for me, no matter how small, I have always appreciated it. What is to be said about the opposite ~ when there is no time for you? When there is always something better to do instead? I've yet to figure that one out. Yes, we are all busy with life but if something or someone is important, we somehow find the time. We make time. I've seen it first hand with friends that flat out say they are 'too busy' for us, yet they make time for others. They can't come to our party, but they go to someone else's? What does that say about us? I guess that puts us in our place. One of my favorite sayings has become, "Never make someone a priority when all you are is an option." So true. And I'm tired of us being an option. Especially my kids.

I can buy my girls all the toys they want. I can buy them pretty dresses and shoes. The toys will eventually break and be tossed into the endless sea in the toy box. They'll be buried with newer things and today's favorite will become forgotten. The clothes will become stained and torn and too small. I can easily spend money on them. But the time I spend with them will be the pay off. I'm sure in the years to come they will remember Mommy jumping on the trampoline with them. And taking them to the pool. Baking yummy treats to eat. They'll remember the stories that we read and the ones we made up. They'll remember all the school functions, recitals, and parties that Mommy attended along side them. And of course, my Clint and my Dad too. The list goes on making memories to last a life time.

So, who have you spent time with today??

Sunday, May 02, 2010


What a great weekend but boy am I tired!

Saturday we were up early to take care of things around the house and yard. At the last minute, we decided to meet some friends at the YMCA to swim. I figured we'd stay for a half hour, maybe an hour at the most. Two hours later we were still there. It was so much fun just hanging out in the pool. Veronica loves the water but is still a little timid about the big pool. Valerie was being so brave and got in the pool for the first time. Usually she just sits and watches. She let me hold her and walk around. Then she realized she could touch bottom and hold on to the ledge by herself. I think if we keep going she'll slowly overcome her fear. (She is terrified of water thanks to a horrible swimming lesson experience. She panics at any water higher than her knees. Thanks swimming instructor for shoving my 3 year old's face in the water and dragging her around the pool! Getting in deep water was a big step for her!)

Today we had friends over for a barbecue. The weather was supposed to be horrible, but thankfully it wasn't as bad as expected. The kids had a blast with their friends. And the Moms and Dads had a nice time too. Friends, great food, and great company! I love having people over, but we don't get to do it very often.

Clint leaves day after tomorrow. I'm glad we were able to do something fun before he heads back overseas. Not looking forward to him being gone though. Not at all.