Sunday, May 02, 2010


What a great weekend but boy am I tired!

Saturday we were up early to take care of things around the house and yard. At the last minute, we decided to meet some friends at the YMCA to swim. I figured we'd stay for a half hour, maybe an hour at the most. Two hours later we were still there. It was so much fun just hanging out in the pool. Veronica loves the water but is still a little timid about the big pool. Valerie was being so brave and got in the pool for the first time. Usually she just sits and watches. She let me hold her and walk around. Then she realized she could touch bottom and hold on to the ledge by herself. I think if we keep going she'll slowly overcome her fear. (She is terrified of water thanks to a horrible swimming lesson experience. She panics at any water higher than her knees. Thanks swimming instructor for shoving my 3 year old's face in the water and dragging her around the pool! Getting in deep water was a big step for her!)

Today we had friends over for a barbecue. The weather was supposed to be horrible, but thankfully it wasn't as bad as expected. The kids had a blast with their friends. And the Moms and Dads had a nice time too. Friends, great food, and great company! I love having people over, but we don't get to do it very often.

Clint leaves day after tomorrow. I'm glad we were able to do something fun before he heads back overseas. Not looking forward to him being gone though. Not at all.

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