Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Here I am!

Where have I been? (Other than the obvious dealing with stupid people and their drama.)

Well, we've been staying pretty busy doing fun summer things!! We've hosted a couple of barbecues with friends. The kids are thoroughly enjoying their pool (me too.) I've taken them swimming at the YMCA several times. We've visted the spray park (totally cool even for moms!)

Val and Roni are loving summer camp. I mean loving it. By the second day, Veronica ran in the door and never looked back. I didn't get a hug or a goodbye or anything. Yeah, it does make me a little sad that my baby isn't such a baby anymore!! I won't lie though, having those two days to myself is a wonderful reprieve from the daily routine. It has been nice being just me. I shopped for me and I've seen a few movies. Two days sounded like a lot at first, but I actually don't have much free time. By the time I go to the gym, stop at the store or other errands, come home, do my daily housework, shower, eat, etc. it's usually after lunch. Then it's time to start thinking about what to cook that night. There's always something to do. And that leaves a few hours of quiet before going across town to pick up the kids. (Moms you know how it is!!) It's all good though.

Clint is home and on vacation this week. Thursday we're taking the whole day for US. We really need to spend some time together. It has been so long and everything is always about the kids. I'm looking forward to it.


  1. YAY! I missed reading about your life (though I often get firsthand accounts). I'm glad you're having a great Summer...and have fun w/your hubby tomorrow!

  2. Enjoy your day together. I saw your other blog with the drama posts. Oy.. I do not envy you that. Hope it's calming down!