Saturday, June 19, 2010


Well, our day date in New Orleans didn't happen as planned. In lieu of our date, we spent the day getting dirty in the heat -- working in the yard (what were you thinking?!) It was past time to do something about our ugly flowerbeds. The weeds have been out of control for a while. Clint rented a tiller and we pulled all the plants out, moved all the bricks, tilled up the beds, reshaped, put down weed mat, and a ton of mulch. Since we had the tiller, Clint decided to get a start on landscaping the backyard while we were at it. Man, it was some HOT but we managed to get a lot accomplished. It's not quite finished... I have nicer looking flower beds but no plants!! I have to decide what to plant to replace everything we pulled out. Any suggestions - something not too large and evergreen - besides azaleas?? We had small azaleas lining the porch but they didn't do well at all. I plan to put a few hibiscus plants in. We left our gardenias but I need some other anchor plants... help!!

Last night we went to the free Better than Ezra concert downtown. What a great night!!! We really needed a night out. My friend had a sitter for her three children, so she offered to have mine over too so we could all go out together. We had dinner, stopped at a bar, and listened to the band. It was so fun just to hang out with a group of adults. And of course the kids had a blast together. Win win situation!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there! Tomorrow my Dad is coming to visit. We have plans for lunch and then we'll probably just hang out at home.

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