Monday, July 12, 2010


I'm sure every parent out there has had a moment of "where's my child?" panic as you scan the crowd in a public place. And then you are relieved when you catch a glimpse of their shirt or the top of their head. Of course they are always happily playing with no worries! Parents always worry....

Yesterday we went to the Children's Museum with another family. The kids had a GREAT time and we'll be going back.

When it was time to leave, it was raining. Clint decided he would walk the few blocks to the car and come pick us up at the entrance. My friend was doing the same, so I stayed at the front of the museum with the kids. Clint had been gone a few minutes and I started glancing around - panic. Where's Veronica??

I scanned the place - No Veronica.

I called my Dad over to come watch the kids so I could go look for her thinking she had gone back to one of the play areas.

I searched the entire first floor.

No Veronica. Ok, "where's my child" panic was creeping in.

I hurriedly dug out my cell and dialed Clint's number.

"She's with me" is how he answered. Sigh of relief!!!

Apparently, when Clint left, Veronica followed with out us noticing. She ran after him for a few blocks before he realized she was behind him. It wasn't very far to the car, but still! On the streets of New Orleans anything could happen to a three year old. No telling what she was thinking running after Daddy. Poor darling!!

Lesson learned ~ never take your eyes off your child! And never, ever leave with out making sure you are not being followed!!


  1. glad she was safe and sound!

  2. How scary! Now when he realized she was with him, he should have called your cellphone right away. We would have, but men don't think like that!

  3. Great lesson! ((Veronica))

  4. Poor Mom!!! What an awful feeling. This happens to everyone, no matter what -- no matter what!!! You realized quickly and found her and thank goodness it all turned out okay.