Monday, August 30, 2010

The clock is ticking...

There's so many theories out there about why time seems to pass faster as we age. Perhaps it's because sense of time changes. Perception changes. I can remember when summers seemed endless. Days and days of being home to play and school was eons away.

I must have been around eight years old when I realized that summer was only June, July, and part of August. What ~ barely three months! I guess maybe I had finally grasped the concept of counting days, weeks, and months. Or maybe I learned how to use a calendar. I clearly remember thinking wow, summer this year isn't as long as it seemed last year.

Now, the days slip by one by one and the months are soon behind us.

I stay busy with the day-to-day routine, the kids, and a month isn't long at all.

I can still remember being eight years old and in the third grade. My teacher was Mrs. Clawson and oh my how we hated her!!! I can remember her making fun of a kid in front of the entire class. (His last name was Meyer, and some of the kids would sing the "Oscar Meyer Weiner" jingle and she had the class sing it to him one day!!) I can tell you what desk I sat in and who sat around me. I had cut my hair super short - think pixie cut - that year. Thirty years ago. Wow.

I can remember the summer I turned 18 like it was yesterday. A college freshman with a brand new car thanks to Mom and Dad. Young and clueless. Twenty years ago.

Twenty-eight? Clint and I had just started officially dating. We were new and exciting together. We went out around Thibodaux to celebrate.

How things have changed. How fast it seems the years have flown by.

Happy Birthday to me! What will I remember about thirty-eight?

(yes, I made my own cake! Pardon the crooked writing!)

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  1. Happy Birthday and may this birthday and every birthday in the future be happy ones.
    I'm not really into time but I can tell you that the perception of time takes on strange aspects as you get older. For me now thirty years ago seems like yesterday and the days pass in a blur. Friday is SWMBO's(she who must be obeyed) 65th birthday and my middle unbirthday and hopefully it will pass unenventful.