Friday, August 20, 2010


Things have been quiet around here. Busy, but quiet. Can't complain about that! Clint has been in Denver most of the week. Today is a week since school has started and we're still getting our routine down. I find myself asking what day is it and who has to be where?! Haha. Valerie seems to enjoy her class and likes her teacher. She comes home every day with stories about her new friends, which makes me happy. Veronica seems to like going too and is proud that it's only her school now. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings are rushed because the second Val gets on the bus, I have to race the clock to get Veronica at school before 8:30. As long as we get there before they stop serving breakfast we're ok. It's only six or seven miles, but some days it can take 30-40 minutes with fighting traffic to get there. Then Monday and Thursday evenings are busy because the girls have dancing. It's 4:30 when we get home, and we have to leave for 5:30. Valerie's class is a whole 90 minutes long ~ yikes. I have to figure out something to do while she is there besides shop!

I miss them during the day, but I admit I'm glad to have a few quiet hours! I stay pretty busy though. My house is clean again and it is so much easier to grocery shop with out the kids. I can spend as much time as I want at the gym. I've even started riding my bicycle around the neighborhood. (Oh how I've missed my bike!) I do find myself watching the clock though and anxiously awaiting the bus!

Here's my little dancers ready for class:

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