Saturday, September 18, 2010

All Aboard!!!

Today I took Val and Roni to see "Choo Choo Soul" at the Houma Civic Center. We had front row seats and had a GREAT time! The show was pretty simple - no huge props, no smoke and mirrors, no flashy lights. It was two performers on a blank stage, which I admit is a bit unusual. I have to wonder why there wasn't a backdrop - train or otherwise?! I don't think it was a Disney production though - there was no "Disney Presents" or Disney anything mentioned, other than "As seen on Playhouse Disney." And besides, if it had been, it probably would not have come to Houma and tickets would have been more than $12.50!!! I know a few people were disappointed that it wasn't a big flashy Disney show, but we really enjoyed it. The performers actually had to entertain all by themselves. It was all about the songs and dancing. (And Shhh but I actually like Genevieve's voice and some or most of her songs!)

After the show four moms and seven kids braved Pepper's Pizza for a yummy lunch. Val and Roni were so happy to see their friends today.

(wearing ear plugs to protect little one's hearing!)

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