Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is always a big holiday in my hometown of Morgan City. It's the big Shrimp and Petroleum Festival. (Yes, we know it sounds odd and yes it is a bit ironic with the oil spill disaster.) We took the girls to the festival both Friday and Saturday. They had an absolute blast. They love stuff like that and so do I actually. The only two times in my life I did not partake in the festival was when I was pregnant. For the first time in years we were able to stay and listen to one of the bands. We've tried but the kids had no interest in that part - it was always too loud or they were too tired. This year we took them to the playground. They stayed busy on the equipment and we could see and hear the band on the other side of the park. Saturday we went back and hit the children's village, fair rides, and made a quick pass through the craft show. Fair rides and sno-balls ~ fun for all! Amazingly a "cool" front passed and temps were bearable and actually quite comfortable in the shade.

Monday we barbecued and had friends over. It was probably our last swimming weekend since it's time to take down the pool. All was well until Veronica decided to get sick!! I was worried she had picked up the stomach virus going around, but it hasn't happened again so I guess it was one of those kid things.

Valerie woke up from a (rare) nap yesterday and thought it was the next morning. It was hilarious! She kept asking if she had eaten dinner or gotten ready for bed. I told her we could go outside to play and she asked "Don't I have school?" She didn't believe me when I told her it was still Monday!!!

Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend...

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  1. Where did that face come from?!?

    Val is getting good at making funny faces...